Of Plagarizing and Stealing

Posted On November 12, 2009

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A fellow designer just got his logo ripped off by another person(or company). And the stealer¬†proceeds to sell it on ebay as his own work(without even changing anything!). I’m feeling so angry for him. It just disheartens us when we decide to share our work online and some people just have to take advantage of that. That’s the flip side of being good I guess. There are appreciators and then there are pirates. Lets hope there are less of the latter. Shame on them! That’s just disgusting and unethical! Apart from design, even personal photos are being ripped off, and people impersonate you online. It’s sad that all these are happening and there’s no stop to it. With all that online stuffs going on there, people are starting to take advantage of its convenience. Looks like we can only TRY to take things with a pinch of salt and take it as a compliment and then move on…Sigh!